Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

UNESCO - High Noon - Resolution der BI-Rheinpassagen

41COM 7B.45 Upper Middle Rhine Valley (Germany) (C 1066)

Stephan Dömpke, Vorsitzender World Heritage Watch hat heute die Resolution der BI-Rheinpassagen zum

Welterbe Oberes Mittelrheintal
41COM 7B.45

im Plenum der 41. UNESCO Welterbekonferenz in Krakau vorgetragen.

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is in danger

With the expansion of the railway lines from Genoa to Rotterdam, traffic noise from railways and vibrations will increase even more.

At least 600 trains will be driven daily through the Middle Rhine Valley.

The Middle Rhine Bridge will connect two interregional transport networks each side of the Rhine.

Experts confirm the classification as a trans-European road.

Traffic volume and noise from railways and roads must be significantly reduced.

  • We ask for a strategic transport plan to be developed for the Middle Rhine to improve the living conditions for people on the Middle Rhine.
  • The plans for the construction of a bridge should be abandoned for this reason.
  • Ferries should become an integral part of the World Heritage Site.

The Loreley Plateau is currently under construction. The reconstruction of the Loreley Open air Theatre is now widely visible in the Rhine Valley, effecting seriously its integrity.

Moreover, a huge hotel with 200 220 beds is already under construction will be built across an area of 28.000 square meters. Contracts have been signed.

  • The further development of the Loreley Plateau requires special care. All changes must harmonize with the landscape.
  • Construction work on the Loreley Plateau should be halted until a development plan has been prepared.
  • The plan should include guidelines for appropriate building designs and layout for the long term future of the World Heritage Site.